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Understanding Car Accident Records and Insurance Premiums

Car accidents bring not only physical and financial stress but also the concern of increased insurance premiums. Risky driving behavior leading to accidents often results in higher insurance costs as these drivers are deemed a greater risk to public safety. However, whether a car accident goes on your driving record depends on several factors.

Were You at Fault?

If you were an innocent victim of the accident, it would be unfair for it to go on your record. For instance, while waiting at an intersection with a red light, a distracted driver rear-ends your vehicle. In this case, the at-fault driver should be held responsible, and you should not face penalties on your record.

Sometimes, accidents appear on a motorist’s record even when they are not at fault, which is both unjust and illegal in Kentucky. According to Revised Statutes § 304.20-045, an insurer cannot increase your premium if you were not at fault or contributorily negligent.

If you find such an error on your record, present the insurer with a police report proving your innocence. In court, you can also provide a jury verdict demonstrating your lack of liability.

Did You Violate Traffic Laws?

Accidents resulting from traffic violations typically get reported on your driving record, leading to potential premium increases. For instance, if you received a traffic ticket for speeding, driving too slowly, or making an illegal lane change, your accident might be recorded on your driving history.

An example of this scenario is when another driver crashes into you, causing an accident, but you were driving slightly over the center line. Though the other driver is mainly at fault, you received a traffic ticket for your minor infraction. In such cases, your accident may likely appear on your record, leading to potential insurance premium hikes.

License Suspension and Traffic Violations

Traffic violations accumulate points on your record, which can eventually lead to a license suspension. If you accumulate 12 or more points in one year, you will need to attend a revocation hearing. Kentucky can suspend your license for six months, though attending traffic school might be an option.

Seeking Help after a Car Accident

At Noakes Law, we have assisted countless car accident victims in negotiating fair compensation to cover the high costs of accidents. If you need help with an insurance claim or have questions about the process, contact our firm for expert assistance. We are dedicated to ensuring your rights are protected throughout the process. Call us today to find out more about the insurance claims process and how we can help you.

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