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At Noakes Law Group, our Lexington sexual harassment lawyer is a skilled, experienced, and compassionate advocate for victims. Sexual harassment—whether in the workplace or otherwise—should never be allowed to stand unchallenged. If you or your family member was the victim of sexual harassment in Fayette County, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation with a top Lexington sexual harassment lawyer.  

What is Sexual Harassment?

Broadly speaking, sexual harassment refers to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of an offensive sexual nature. In professional situations, sexual harassment can be divided into two broad categories. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when a person in a position of authority demands sexual favors in exchange for job benefits. A hostile work environment, on the other hand, is characterized by an atmosphere where repeated sexual remarks, displays, or physical contact create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment for the victim. Here is an example of each: 

  • Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment: A manager at a restaurant in Lexington suggests to an employee that she would receive a raise or promotion if she went on a date with him. The explicit attempt to exchange a work benefit for sexual favors is quid pro quo harassment. 
  • Hostile Work Environment: A group of employees at a construction site in Lexington consistently makes inappropriate sexual jokes and comments about their coworkers. She requests for them to stop but they continue and she eventually resigns. The severe and pervasive nature of sexual harassment is a hostile work environment. 

An Overview of Workplace Sexual Harassment Laws in Kentucky

An employee in Lexington may be protected against sexual harassment in the workplace under both federal law and state law. Protection depends, in part, on the size of the employer that a person is working for. Here is an overview of the law in Kentucky: 

  • Federal Law (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act): Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, sexual harassment is a prohibited form of sex-based discrimination. Title VII covers businesses and organizations in Kentucky with 15 or more employees. 
  • Kentucky Law (Kentucky Civil Rights Act): Under the Kentucky Civil Rights Act, sexual harassment is also barred. However, Commonwealth workplace sexual harassment law also applies to employers with 8 to 14 employees. 

Note: Sexual harassment laws are gender-neutral. While women are disproportionately the victims of sexual harassment, men are also affected. A man has the right to file a sexual harassment complaint. The harasser could be a woman or another man.  

Non-Employers May Also Be Civilly Liable for Sexual Harassment

In Kentucky, non-employers—clients, customers, vendors, etc—may also potentially be held civilly liable for sexual harassment in the workplace. The responsibility arises when these parties engage in harassing behavior that affects the work environment of the employees they interact with. 

Notably, businesses and organizations must address such conduct from non-employees swiftly and effectively to maintain a safe and respectful workplace. An employer may be liable for sexual harassment committed by a client, customer, vendor, or other outside party. 

Beyond the employment context, a civil sexual harassment or civil sexual assault claim may also be pursued on the grounds of premises liability. In Kentucky, businesses and property owners have a duty to ensure that guests are kept reasonably safe and secure on their premises. 

Compensation for Sexual Harassment Victims in Lexington

Victims of sexual harassment deserve justice. First and foremost, the harassment must stop. Facing sexual—or worse, sexual assault—is a violation of your rights. If you were a victim of sexual harassment in Lexington, you have the right to pursue compensation for your damages. Our Lexington sexual harassment lawyers can help. You may be able to recover damages for: 

  • Economic Damages: Economic damages compensate sexual harassment victims for actual monetary losses, such as lost wages and benefits if the harassment led to the victim being demoted, having their hours reduced, or even terminated. Compensation for medical bills or mental health counseling costs may also be sought. 
  • Non-Economic Damages: Non-economic damages cover compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life that result from the harassment. These damages recognize the severe impact harassment can have on an individual’s psychological and emotional health.
  • Punitive Damages: In cases where the harasser’s conduct is found to be especially malicious or reckless, courts may award punitive damages. These are intended not just to compensate the victim, but also to punish the offender and deter similar behavior in the future. Punitive damages are limited to a relatively small share of cases. 

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How Noakes Law Can Help

Noakes can handle your sexual assault case.

How Our Lexington Sexual Harassment Victims Rights Lawyer Can Help

A sexual harassment case should always be handled with the highest level of care, sensitivity, and professionalism. At Noakes Law Group, we are focused on helping victims fight for true justice. You do not not have to take on the legal system alone. When you contact our firm, you will have a chance to connect with a Lexington sexual harassment attorney who can: 

  • Hear your story and explain your rights and options;
  • Answer any questions that you have about your sexual harassment case; 
  • Investigate the sexual harassment—gathering relevant evidence;  
  • Represent you in any sexual harassment settlement negotiations; and
  • Take strong legal action to help you get the best outcome. 

No two sexual harassment claims are identical. Victims deserve personalized legal guidance and support. We have the expertise you can trust. With millions in compensation recovered for victims and families, our client testimonials and record of case results tell the story best. Our Lexington, KY sexual harassment attorneys are standing by, ready to protect your rights. 

Get Help From Our Lexington Sexual Harassment Attorney Today

At Noakes Law Group, our Lexington sexual harassment lawyer is a skilled, passionate, and justice-focused advocate for victims. Victim of sexual harassment? We are here to help. Contact us today for your no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation. Our firm fights for sexual harassment victims in Lexington, Fayette County, and throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


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