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About Noakes Law

Noakes Law Group was created with our clients needs in mind! The founders strongly considered all they had in common with the clients they wanted to help before they ever attended law school. Experience working in the healthcare and small business industries, we knew the help we could provide and its necessity in the market. We had the Daily challenges of working hard, paying our bills, as well as the great responsibility of taking care of our patients and customers. These experiences shaped the mission for the Noakes Law Group. Understanding that things are going well in most peoples daily lives until someone comes along and negligently injures you or your family, changing everything. Noakes Law Group is here and excited to help get you and your family get back to your normal routine and the normal life you are accustomed to.

1. WINNING RECORD – We get top dollar for our cases. As a young law firm we have settled cases for insured policy limits on multiple occasions. See our case results page for updates on recently closed cases.

2. SIZE – We are a small firm with diverse backgrounds. Typically your case will only have one lawyer assigned, which allows for maximum outcomes.

3. PERSONAL INJURY CASES ONLY – Personal injury is all we do. Our training and background has allowed our firm a high level of expertise and capability in this field. This specialization leads to better results for our clients.

4. LAWYERS – We hold ourselves to the highest level of ethics and standards, allowing us to be recognized in our communities by other lawyers, insurance adjustors and judges.

5. NO FEE UNLESS WE WIN – We do not charge the client a fee unless we win your case.


Elite Team

Providing You With Representation

When You Need it Most

Our experienced attorneys are here to provide you with legal representation when your future depends upon it. Noakes Law Group has the experience and resources necessary to win cases and we are prepared to handle your unique case. Our practice areas include.

Personal Injury Law

Being injured by the actions of another is a terrifying experience, and one that yields many questions about what steps to take next, liability and what you're future will look like. Our personal...

Birth Injury

Birth should be a time for celebration. Unfortunately, labor and delivery result in injuries to either mother or child for far too many families. The mortality rate in the U.S. is rising...

Auto and Truck Accidents

Noakes Law is well aware that your life can change at the instant you have been injured by another party. Recovering from these injuries and having medical professionals diagnose and treat your injuries...

Medical Malpractice

An act of medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional breaches the medical standards of care owed to a patient causing them harm. We have experience litigating medical malpractice cases...

Wrongful Death

During this turbulent time, you need compassionate and steady legal guidance. At Noakes Law, we have helped many grieving family members bring wrongful death lawsuits and receive the compensation...

Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse happens more frequently than people believe. Millions of men and women have been sexually abused, either as children or adults. And few abusers are ever caught or held accountable...



Our Clients

"I called Noakes Law and they took care of everything. They took my case seriously and treated me so well. They care about you and getting you what you deserve."

Kevin K.

Personal Injury Client

"I honestly cannot say enough good about Noakes Law. I was in an auto accident which had several different variables that make my case very difficult to navigate. Ms. Noakes and her team were top notch and went above and beyond to help me. I HIGHLY recommend this law firm to anyone!"

Megan O.

Personal Injury Client

THIS SITE IS ADVERTISING MATERIAL. This website has been prepared for the purpose of providing information about Noakes Law Group, PLLC and the services it provides. Some of the information may now be incomplete or may have fallen out of date. Your information is used solely to communicate with you. The material contained in this website should not be interpreted as legal advice, and contacting us with this site does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Kentucky Legal Ethics requirement: No cost or case expenses owed unless we win your case. Services may be performed by other attorneys.

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