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When the founders of Noakes Law Group sat down and pondered the idea of attending law school and organizing the firm we took into consideration that we have a lot in common with our clients. We were in the healthcare and small business industries at the time. We had the daily challenges of working hard and paying our bills and the big responsibility of taking care of our patients and customers. This has carried over to our law firm today. We understand that things are going well in most peoples daily lives and then someone comes along and negligently injures you or your family and that changes the whole balance. It is hard to know what to do when that happens without some guidance and direction. Noakes Law Group is here to help get you and your family get back to that routine we are all comfortable with.

1. WINNING RECORD – We get top dollar for our cases. Even as a young law firm we have settled cases for insured policy limits on several occasions. See our case results page as it is updated often. Every year we win numerous results for our clients.

2. SIZE – We are a small firm with diverse backgrounds and usually your case will have only one lawyer assigned to your case for the duration allowing for maximum outcomes.

3.  PERSONAL INJURY CASES ONLY – This is all we do. Our training and background has allowed our firm to develop a high level of expertise and capability in this field. This leads to better results for our clients.

4.  LAWYERS – We hold ourselves to the highest levels of ethics and standards. This has allowed us to be recognized in our communities from other lawyers, insurance adjustors and judges for our professionalism and competence.

5.  NO FEE UNLESS WE WIN – We do not charge the client a fee unless your case is won.

Meet Our Elite Team

Anna Noakes


Brian Elkins


Randall Noakes Jr.

Chief Medical Officer

Eric Fow

President Digital Media & Advertising

Adam McDonald

Senior Case Manager

Jeffrey Diomampo

Senior Case Manager

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Our experienced attorneys are here to provide you with legal representation when your future depends upon it. Noakes Law Group has the experience and resources necessary to win cases and we are prepared to handle your unique case. Our practice areas include.

Straight From Our Clients

I called Noakes Law and they took care of everything. They took my case seriously and treated me so well. They care about you and getting you what you deserve.

Kevin K. Personal Injury Client