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In Lexington, the sight of large trucks is a daily occurrence. These mammoth vehicles traverse the town, delivering freight, and share the highways with countless motorists throughout the day and night. Collisions involving commercial trucks have the potential to be catastrophic for both drivers and their families. At Noakes Law, our legal team boasts the experience necessary to meticulously investigate and dissect these complex accident cases. Rest assured, the trucking company will swiftly deploy teams of investigators and lawyers to navigate the evidence, all with the goal of avoiding liability for the crash. Your path to justice begins with a call to our law office today. Allow us to amplify your voice throughout the claims process.

The Gravity of Your Injuries

The sheer size and weight of trucks mean that accidents involving them can result in severe and enduring injuries. The nature of the injuries you sustain depends on various factors, including the type of accident:

  • Override: When a truck collides with and even rides over a smaller vehicle, survivors often contend with crush injuries, amputation, paralysis, back injuries, and excruciating pain.
  • Underride: In cases where a smaller vehicle slides beneath a truck’s trailer, occupants may suffer facial injuries, concussions, whiplash, and chest injuries.
  • Backing-up Accidents: Pedestrians struck or run over by a trucker in reverse may endure fractures, concussions, and internal injuries.
  • Jackknife: When a trailer swings at an angle and runs over smaller vehicles, the consequences can include back injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and more.
  • Rollover: Trucks that overturn pose a grave risk to anyone in proximity, often leading to collapsed lungs, chest contusions, concussions, and other serious injuries.

The cost of treating these injuries can be exorbitant. Many victims require ambulance transportation to the hospital and life-saving surgery. Others face years of rehabilitation to relearn fundamental skills, such as walking or speaking.

Determining Fault for Your Crash

Under Kentucky law, the legal term for establishing responsibility in a crash is “fault.” Accident victims in Kentucky have the right to sue those at fault for the collision. Several parties can potentially be held liable in these cases, including:

  • Truckers: Negligent driving or accidents resulting from fatigue, distraction, or intoxication can implicate the trucker. Cell phone use is another prevalent issue leading to distraction and accidents.
  • Trucking Companies: As the owners of the trucks, trucking companies may be at fault for inadequate maintenance. Defective brakes and tires, for example, can render trucks unmanageable. Failure to properly supervise, train, or test truckers can also place trucking companies at fault. Federal regulations stipulate numerous standards for employers to adhere to, yet some may cut corners.
  • Mechanics: Mechanics who perform subpar truck repairs or fail to identify components needing replacement can share fault.
  • Manufacturers: A truck might leave the factory with defects, in which case the manufacturer bears responsibility for any accidents resulting from those defects.
  • Loading Companies: Entities other than the trucking company may be responsible for loading cargo into trailers. Imbalanced or improperly secured loads can lead to rollovers and other accidents.

Kentucky law permits multiple parties to share fault for an accident, and even motorists struck by a truck could be found partially at fault.

Evidence and Your Truck Accident Case

At Noakes Law, our primary responsibility is to ascertain the cause of the crash. We are well-versed in requesting and scrutinizing evidence to aid in determining fault. Some of the key types of evidence we consider include:

  • Electronic Logging Information: Trucks are equipped with electronic devices that store vital information about the vehicle, such as its duration in motion.
  • Employee Records: We can request records related to drug use, physical examinations, and disciplinary actions. This evidence can be instrumental in establishing fault.
  • Chemical Test Results: Officers responding to the scene may administer breathalyzer or urine tests, or the trucking company might conduct these tests. We can seek to leverage the results in your case.
  • Witness Testimony: Whenever possible, obtaining contact information from witnesses at the scene can prove invaluable. Their testimony can offer crucial insights into the sequence of events.
  • Truck Inspection: The vehicles involved often contain critical evidence. For instance, inspecting a truck can help determine whether the brake line was faulty or if the ties in the trailer were defective.

Individuals handling their cases may lack the knowledge to secure this information. Engaging the services of an experienced law firm like Noakes Law Group ensures that all pertinent evidence is obtained and employed in your claim.

The Path to Receiving a Settlement

The initial steps following a truck accident are pivotal. Here’s a condensed overview of the most crucial steps:

  1. Scene Evidence Collection: If possible, contact the police and exchange insurance and personal information with the trucker and any other drivers involved. Additionally, attempt to gather witness accounts and take photographs depicting the final positions of the vehicles.
  2. Medical Treatment: Seek immediate medical attention at the hospital to commence treatment. Some individuals require ambulance transport due to life-threatening or extremely painful injuries. Always adhere to your doctor’s recommended treatment plan.
  3. Legal Representation: It is highly beneficial to reach out to Noakes Law soon after the accident. We initiate the process of gathering further evidence and reconstructing the accident to establish liability. Our team also manages all communication with the trucking company and their insurer.
  4. Settlement Negotiations: While most truck accident cases are resolved without proceeding to court, trucking companies and their insurers often mount vigorous defenses. Achieving a settlement typically entails protracted negotiations. We present your account of events, demonstrating why you are entitled to substantial compensation covering property damage, lost income, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.
  5. Litigation: Some settlement negotiations may falter, usually due to disagreements over fault. In such instances, your Lexington truck accident lawyer can initiate a lawsuit in court to safeguard your rights. If necessary, our firm is fully prepared to present your case in court.

Contact Our Lexington Truck Accident Attorney for Guidance

The weeks that follow a truck accident can often seem like a blur. Having the steady guidance of a seasoned truck accident lawyer is invaluable. We encourage you to reach out to Noakes Law Group today. Our law firm offers free consultations to anyone injured in these accidents, and we stand ready to advocate for you.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to seek legal representation and bring forth a case when your future is on the line. As the injured party in a personal injury case, you deserve to be compensated. If you’ve been discriminated against you deserve justice. Reach out to Noakes Law today online or by phone to schedule your free case review and learn more about legal services.

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