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At Noakes Law Group, our Shelbyville car accident lawyers are standing by, ready to protect your legal rights and financial interests. Dealing with the insurance company after a motor vehicle accident is never easy. You need the right advocate on your side. Were you or a loved one hurt in a traffic collision? We have experience you can trust. Contact our law firm today for a free consultation with a Kentucky auto accident attorney. 

What Steps Should I Take After an Automobile Collision in Shelbyville, KY

Car accidents are stressful. Dealing with the aftermath can be confusing and even traumatic. By taking the right approach, you can put yourself in the best position to get true justice. Here are some of the most important things you should do after an accident in Shelbyville: 

  1. Halt Your Car and Contact Law Enforcement: You have a duty to stop your vehicle and remain at the scene—with an exception for medical emergencies. Exchange information with other motorists and report your collision to the Shelbyville Police Department. 
  2. Get Yourself to a Doctor Right Away: Every car accident injury should be carefully evaluated by a qualified doctor. You could be far more severely hurt than you initially recognize. Without medical records, injured victims cannot pursue a claim. 
  3. Document Your Motor Vehicle Crash: Documentation is essential. Take pictures of your accident and your injuries. Get the contact information from any witnesses. Secure all other relevant details at the scene of the crash. 
  4. Consult With a Top Shelbyville Auto Accident Attorney: You cannot trust insurance companies to look out for your best interests. Get professional help. Consult with a Shelbyville car accident lawyer before giving a statement to an insurance adjuster. 

What Not to Do After a Car Accident

Avoid doing the following after a car crash:

  • Panicking. Stay calm and collected after a car accident.
  • Leaving the scene. Never leave an accident scene without stopping, even if it’s a minor crash.
  • Not calling emergency services. Call the police or 911 immediately, especially if there are injuries or significant damage.
  • Admitting fault. Avoid admitting fault, even if you think you caused the crash. Even saying “I’m sorry” can be considered an admission of guilt.
  • Neglecting to document the scene. Do your due diligence. Be sure to take photos of the accident scene, damages, and vehicles involved. Note the time, location, and weather conditions.
  • Not getting witness information. If there are witnesses, get their names and contact information. They may be valuable if there are disputes about what happened.
  • Neglecting to notify your insurance company. Inform your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Your agent will help you understand your legal rights regarding repairs and policies that apply.
  • Ignoring medical attention. Even if you feel fine, seek medical attention. Some injuries may be hidden and may not show symptoms for several days or even weeks. By then, your insurance company will be suspicious if you are suddenly seriously injured.
  • Settling without legal advice. Never accept a settlement without consulting with an attorney. If there are serious injuries involved, you want to make sure you get full and fair compensation.
  • Discussing the accident on social media. Avoid posting details about the accident on social media, as it could be used against you in legal proceedings.
  • Ignoring legal responsibilities. Be sure to obey the law. Follow all legal requirements and procedures. This may include filling out accident reports and cooperating with law enforcement.

The Most Common Types of Car Crashes

Every motor vehicle collision requires a comprehensive, detailed-driven investigation. Crashes can happen for many different reasons. Common types of car accidents in Shelbyville include: 

  • Rear-End Collision: Rear-end collisions are the most common type of multi-vehicle crash. They may be caused by tailgating, speeding, or distracted driving 
  • Sideswipe Accidents: Sideswipe accidents happen when the sides of two parallel cars touch or collide. They are often caused by unsafe lane changes. 
  • Head-On Collisions: Head-on collisions involve the front ends of two vehicles hitting each other. These are especially dangerous crashes. 
  • Rollover Accidents: Rollover accidents occur when a vehicle flips over onto its side or roof. Certain vehicles are more susceptible to rollover collisions.  
  • Single Vehicle Wrecks: Do not assume that you have no rights after a single-vehicle collision. You may still have options for financial compensation. 

Common Car Accident Injuries

Common car accident injuries include the following:

  • Whiplash. This refers to sudden, forceful movement of the head and neck. Whiplash often occurs in rear-end collisions and can cause neck pain and stiffness.
  • Soft tissue injuries. Damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons can occur, leading to strains, sprains, and bruising.
  • Fractures. Broken bones are common in car accidents. Any bone in the body can get broken, but the arms, legs, and ribs are prone to injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI). Head injuries can occur when the head strikes an object or is subjected to rapid acceleration and deceleration. A person may suffer from concussions and more severe TBIs.
  • Cuts and lacerations. Broken glass, deployed airbags, or sharp objects inside the vehicle can cause cuts and lacerations.
  • Internal injuries. The impact of a crash can cause damage to internal organs, leading to internal bleeding or organ damage.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Severe accidents may cause damage to the spinal cord, resulting in partial or complete paralysis.
  • Burns. A person can suffer a burn in the case of a fire or explosion. A burn can range from minor to severe.

Your Guide to Motor Vehicle Crash Liability in Kentucky

Kentucky has some of the most unique auto accident liability laws in the entire country. It is a “choice” no-fault state. In Kentucky, “choice no-fault” auto insurance allows drivers to choose between a “no-fault” car insurance policy and traditional tort coverage. Under the no-fault option, your insurance company pays for your injury claims after an accident, regardless of who is at fault, up to a specified limit. However, choosing this option limits your right to sue other drivers for damages. However, after a serious crash, even a driver with no-fault coverage can bring a fault-based personal injury lawsuit. 

Under Kentucky law (K.R.S. § 411.182), all motor vehicle accident claims are subject to the state’s pure comparative fault standard. If you are deemed partially at fault for your own auto accident, you still have the right to pursue financial compensation. That being said, your recovery will be reduced in proportion to your degree of blame for the accident. Imagine if you suffered $50,000 in damages in an accident in Shelbyville. If you are deemed at fault for 10 percent of your own accident, you would be liable for ten percent of your damages ($5,000). 

Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Injury Claims in Kentucky

There is a limited time to file a car accident injury lawsuit. Under Kentucky law (K.R.S. § 413.140), the Commonwealth sets a one-year statute of limitations for auto accident claims. It is one of the strictest statutes of limitations in the entire country. You do not want to miss out on your right to take legal action. Do you wait to take legal action after a crash: Consult with a Shelbyville, KY auto accident attorney as soon as possible. 

Car Crash Victims in Shelbyville Deserve Full and Fair Financial Compensation

Injured car accident victims deserve compensation for the full extent of their damages. Unfortunately, large insurance companies cannot be relied upon to look out for the best interests of injured victims. They have a financial motive to resolve claims for less. Our Shelbyville car accident law firm is committed to helping victims and families secure the maximum financial relief. Along with other types of damages, you may be entitled to recover damages for: 

  • Automobile repairs 
  • Ambulance costs 
  • Emergency room care 
  • Hospital bills 
  • Medical expenses 
  • Rehabilitative treatment 
  • Lost wages 
  • Loss of future earnings 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Mental anguish 
  • Long-term disability
  • Physical impairment
  • Wrongful death 

Trial Experience You Can Count On

Noakes can handle your car accident case.

Our goal is to get our clients the maximum compensation they deserve. Our personal injury attorney will put in the work needed to build a strong case for you. We are skilled negotiators that reach fair settlements out of court, but when settlement is not possible, we have trial experience that you can depend on.

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Why Trust Our Shelbyville Auto Accident Lawyers 

Putting the pieces back together after a serious traffic collision is not easy. At Noakes Law Group, we are on the side of the people who need help the most—car crash victims and their families. Among other things, our Shelbyville car accident attorney is ready to: 

  • Hear what you have to say and answer your personal injury questions.
  • Investigate your crash—gathering all of the evidence you need to prove fault.
  • Advocate for you in any settlement negotiations with insurance companies.
  • Build a strategy focused on helping you secure maximum financial compensation.  

Contact Our Shelbyville Car Accident Attorney Today 

At Noakes Law Group, our Shelbyville auto accident lawyers have helped injured victims secure millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. Hurt in a traffic collision? We are ready to help. Call us now or contact us online now for your free, private consultation with a top-tier attorney. Our firm represents motor vehicle accident victims in Shelbyville, Shelby County, and communities beyond.



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