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The Holidays With The Most Car Accidents In Kentucky

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. They can happen at any time of the year but are unfortunately more common over certain holidays. Our Kentucky car accident attorney explains when they are more likely to occur and contributing causes that increase the risks. 

The Most Dangerous Holidays In Terms of Car Accident Risks  

Over six million people are estimated to be involved in car accidents each year, many of which result in serious and potentially life-threatening personal injuries. Reckless and negligent behavior on the part of one of the drivers involved is generally responsible. While you face certain risks anytime you are behind the wheel, there are certain times of the year when crashes are most common. 

Unfortunately, the days before, during, and immediately after a holiday are some of the most dangerous to be on the road. According to the American Safety Council, holidays with the highest car accident rates include: 

  • The Fourth of July: The car accident rate spikes each year over the holiday weekend and particularly at night, when people are either coming home from picnics or eager to get to fireworks displays. Nearly 60,000 people are injured in Fourth of July car accidents each year. 
  • Thanksgiving: As one of the biggest travel times of the year, Thanksgiving car accidents claim the lives of more than 500 people and leave tens of thousands of other drivers and passengers with serious personal injuries. 
  • Christmas: Another favorite holiday for family and friends to gather, the car accident rate spikes dramatically on Christmas eve and Christmas day. 
  • New Year’s Eve: Alcohol generally plays a major role in New Year’s parties, so it is no surprise that this is one of the most dangerous holidays in terms of car accident risks. 

Common Causes Of Holiday Car Accidents

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) reports that nearly 900 people are killed in car accidents throughout the state annually, while thousands of others are left with serious personal injuries. While the winter holidays are among the most festive times of the year, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is also the time these crashes are most likely to happen. Common contributing causes include: 

  • Heavy traffic: The increase in motorists on the road results in traffic tie-ups that make car accidents in Kentucky more likely to occur. 
  • Adverse weather: Rain, fog, and icy conditions during the winter make roads treacherous and increase the risk of collisions. 
  • Drunk driving: Alcohol plays a major role in many holiday gatherings and even having just a few drinks can cause serious impairments in driving ability;
  • Aggressive driving: Drivers are typically more likely to engage in aggressive driving behaviors over the holidays, such as speeding, tailgating, improper passing, and failing to yield. 

When Personal Injuries Happen, Contact Our Kentucky Car Accident Attorney

Holiday car accidents can result in serious personal injuries. At Noakes Law Group, we fight to get you compensation. To request a consultation, contact our Kentucky car accident attorney today.

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