Photographs, Photographs!!

Photographs, Photographs!! Make sure that when you are injured in any situation take photos with your phone!! If it’s a vehicle accident take pics of YOUR CAR & THE OTHER VEHICLE OR VEHICLES INVOLVED INCLUDING LICENSE PLATES! Also, take photos of any skid marks on the roadway. Do not speak to anyone about the accident besides the investigating police officer before you talk to your attorney. The insurance company does not have your interests as a priority. They will even try to talk to you knowing you have an attorney, which is a violation of their ethics.
We cannot tell you how many times photographs that were taken by clients were not only admissible in court, they made the value of the settlement increase. It is crucial for certain settlement negotiations!! If it’s a different injury, like a slip or fall, dog bite etc. take a pic of the SCENE where it happened and your injury; cut, bruise etc., because unless you go to the emergency room, your photographs are the only verifiable documentation until you are seen by your doctor. Sometimes this takes several days, and in certain instances up to a week. Once you get home also plug your phone into your computer and download the photos OR email the photographs to your own email address.