Passengers, Passengers!!

Passengers, Passengers!! If you are a passenger in a vehicle that is involved in an accident and are injured, you are entitled to filing a claim. Even if the driver of your car is at fault! Remember, you’re not filing a claim against the driver personally, you’re filing a claim against their insurance company. This is why we all buy insurance. Nobody wakes up in the morning wanting to get into a car accident, let alone it being your fault and someone in your car is injured! You are not required to have the same attorney as the driver or other passengers. If anyone attempts to tell you this, they are not acting in good faith and most likely have an interest in you going to their attorney or an attorney they know. Do not talk to anyone in the other car because those people will most likely speak to the insurance company and their insurance company will ask if you said anything. Only talk to the investigating police officer until you speak to your attorney. And as always, take photographs, photographs, photographs!