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How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that Americans make a collective 38 million ER visits each year. A serious injury can change your life. You could have a ton of medical bills, you could lose out on paychecks, and you could be dealing with severe pain and suffering or even a permanent impairment. A personal injury claim allows you to seek financial relief. 

This raises an important question: How long does a personal injury case take? The answer depends on many different factors. At Noakes Law Group, we provide personal injury representation in Indiana and personal injury representation in Kentucky. In this article, we explain the key things you should know about how long the personal injury claims process typically takes. 

A Personal Injury Claim Can Take a Few Months to a Few Years

The length of the personal injury claims process in both Indiana and Kentucky can vary widely based on many different case specific factors. The key thing to know is that it is relatively normal for claims to take anywhere from a few months to a few years. Claims involving severe injuries, multiple parties, or disputed liability can take longer to resolve. As a general rule, personal injury claims that are settled are resolved quicker and personal injury claims that require litigation take longer. 

Be Proactive: The Right Approach Can Help to Move Your Claim Forward

While the length of time it takes to settle a personal injury claim can be frustrating, being proactive and taking the right approach can help to move your claim forward in the most efficient possible manner. The first step is to seek medical attention for your injuries. Be sure to document your medical treatment. You should also notify your insurance company of the accident and gather any relevant evidence, such as witness statements or photographs of the accident scene.

Do Not Rush: Make Sure You Get the Full and Fair Financial Compensation You Deserve

It is tempting to want to resolve your claim as quickly as possible. After a serious accident, most people simply want to move forward with their life. No person wants to get bogged down in the insurance claims process or in personal injury litigation. That being said, you should never rush your claim. A personal injury lawyer will protect your rights and help you seek justice and compensation in the most effective, efficient manner. You may be able to recover for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other types of damages. 

Set Up a No Cost Case Evaluation With Our Top Personal Injury Attorney Today

At Noakes Law Group, our personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for clients since 2018. If you or your family member was harmed in an accident, we are here as a legal resource. Call us now or contact our firm online for a free case review. With an office in Indianapolis and an office in Louisville, we serve communities throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

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